Mesr Desert

Mesr Desert
Mesr is in the far east of Isfahan (province) in Central Iran. It is basically 420 km far from Isfahan city, and 371 km far from Yazd. Mesr is desert and also an oasis located in the central desert of Iran, (known as Dashte-Kavir in Persian). The central mountain ranges of Iran which are predominantly isolated oasis type mountains which run through the desert territory of Iran, are close by. The town’s only water source and therefore lifeline comes from a spring that flows out of the foothills of the aforementioned mountains quite close to the heart of the village. This is the only source of life for the gardens and date palm orchards that make this oasis such a special place. Watching sunsets and stars are very encouraged in this region.
Reaching Mesr is easy, although you need to change direction several times from major cities of Iran, around 250 kilometers drive onto the Naein-Tabas road from Esfahan west to east. After passing Farokhi and Nasrabad villages, there is a sign showing off-road direction: ” Toward Mesr.” All in all, it is 420 km from Isfahan.

Upon 43 kilometers drive from the sign across the sand hills, 3 green spots will appear from far, similar to three emeralds next to each other. Few moments later, while the absolute silence of desert is your only company, you will find yourself in the first emerald land, Amirabad. The road is totally flat which is considered as one of the wonders of Iran’s central desert and surprises every Eco-tourist. The sand hills around the village are known as thrones since the strong wind has shaped the surface, forming strange and attractive figures.By BUS, it is possible to reach Khur, which is around 50 km from Mesr. There are buses to Khur from Isfahan (every day at 1 pm from Kaveh terminal, and from Yazd once a day. Some buses between Mashhad and Tehran also stop in Khur at night. Ask locally about the times and prices. From Khur to Mesr taxi is the only option. You can call your accommodation in advance to have a taxi driver wait for you or you can just charter one when you arrive. From Jandaq there is a dirt road of about 45 km that goes directly to Mesr.
Mesr is tiny. You can walk around the sand dunes and gardens or hire a camel.

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